About us

Victor Vidal, born in Pontevedra, Spain, and Milena Vallo, a Swiss native with a deep connection to A Coruña, Spain, bring a rich tapestry of experiences to Mil Van Den Vic. Victor's global explorations ignited a passion for art, design, and antiques, rooted in a family history of art dealing and collecting. Milena, a self-made designer, spent over a decade crafting custom furniture and harmonious collections, influenced by her upbringing in a family that valued hard work and resilience.

Their collaboration is more than a gallery—it's a fusion of Victor's adventurous spirit and Milena's design expertise. In the heart of Madrid, Mil Van Den Vic stands as an oasis with a wabi spirit, showcasing unconventional pieces, contemporary art, and antiques that carry the indelible marks of time. Original works by renowned artists find a home here, preserving the beauty that time has bestowed upon them.

Milena's touch is evident in every corner, from the warm Belgian Linens and Hemp adorning custom-designed sofas and armchairs to the carefully curated compositions that invite you into a world where each piece has a story to tell. Victor and Milena aspire to create environments that go beyond aesthetics, spaces filled with history and special objects that engage in a timeless dialogue with viewers.

Embark on a journey with Victor and Milena at Mil Van Den Vic, where past and present converge, and every element invites you to be part of an unforgettable narrative.