Discover the Beauty of Imperfection.

MIL VAN DEN VIC stands as a timeless sanctuary where echoes from the past resonate through carefully curated pieces sourced with deep respect from the farthest and most exquisite corners of the world.

Here, we unveil a constellation of unique objects, shaped by the fleeting caress of time, their beauty residing in the traces that tell stories — often unforgiving, yet always astonishing.

Within this space, we orchestrate a delicate ballet between the masterpieces of yesteryear and the forefront of contemporary art — a stage where past and present engage in a harmonious dialogue.

MVDV comes alive as a living canvas, where contrasts dance in an endless transformation — a space curated for those who appreciate the art in every detail.

Curated Collections

MIL VAN DEN VIC has cultivated a rich tapestry with art and antiques, narrating our unique odyssey through the world. We firmly believe that the true spirit of a space unfolds when it resonates with the authenticity of architecture, furniture, art, and objects — each echoing the essence of its materials and the unwavering clarity of purpose in its creation.

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MVDV Interior & Design Studio

MVDV is a living space, full of movement, full of contrasts and in constant evolution.
We aspire to create genuinely welcoming spaces, configured to enjoy a warm and delicate atmosphere, surrounded by special objects characterized by the honesty of their designs and materials and the simplicity of their forms, resulting in a space where luxury is collected and transformed intentions, offering us a friendly, serene and discreet space.

To achieve this, we have a free and fighting spirit and links at a multidisciplinary level, with the presence of outstanding professionals from the world of arts and sciences, artists, designers, architects, experts in business project management and professionals from many other disciplines and specialties.

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  • Art & Objects
  • Upholstery
  • Reclaimed Materials
  • Restoration